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Direct Marketing Program

Let us help you make an impact that fits your budget with your direct mail marketing initiatives to reach potential sellers and buyers through our templated program. EMS has created a variety of mailer templates with customizable features to show off your office's unique brand. You can also mix and match postcard sizes and panels to fit your strategy.


Our team will work with you to properly plan your direct mail campaign, whether a one-time send, a short-term campaign, or planning for the entire year!​

By participating in this program, you will also have access to social media templates based on the design of the mailers.

See Creative Options to Start Your Campaign!


6-Panel Brochure

Folds to 11”x6”


Fold Over Postcard

Folds to 8.5"x5.5"


Planning Your Campaign

Please fill out the form below so we can get details from you and provide you with a plan and budget based on your goals—here are some ideas on when to send mailers and who to send them to.

When To Send Mailers Out

It can be as simple as just planning one per quarter, one every 6 months, or playing with other strategies to determine your timing

SPG Property Type

  • Ranch & Farm - Consider Crop Seasons in Your Area

  • Recreational - Plan For Hunting & Fishing Season

  • Residential - When do Families Prefer to Move?

  • Hospitality, Ski, Mountain, Waterfront, Resort -Plan around hi-seasons/vacation time

  • Commercial Properties - Consider investors and businesses timing

Targeted Lists

Our team can work with different vendors to help you get the list you need

  • Property Owners - Filter By:

    • Location

    • Estimated Property Value

    • Assessed Value

    • Acreage

    • Property Type

  • Land Owners

    • ​Rent list to access land owners that own over 2,000 acres

  • Business Owners

  • Absentee Owners

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