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Our Story

Enhanced Marketing Solutions® (EMS) is United Country's exclusive internal advertising agency, built from the ground up over 15 years ago to deliver critical, innovative marketing campaigns for all of our affiliates.

As members of the United Country Real Estate home office team, we understand the legacy and the power a nearly 100-year-old company has in this industry. We're here to continue to elevate the brand with each of you. Our team is ready to work with you to build momentum for your listings and auctions and support your local branding initiatives.

Our team can help you with any aspect of your marketing needs. From the design of your next mailer to your brand awareness through Facebook ads or even a fully integrated marketing campaign!


EMS offers a wide range and variety of services focused on accomplishing what you need to make a critical connection with both sellers and buyers through property-specific marketing, auction marketing, and brand marketing. We’re here to help communicate the dream properties that buyers are looking for and bridge the gap between property and lifestyle.

Creative Office

What We Do

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Our Services


Promote your auction or property on hundreds of 3rd party listing sites and reach thousands of qualified agents and buyers through direct email blasts.

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Social Media

Drive traffic through social media ads and custom graphics for your posts.

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Direct Mail

Reach potential sellers and buyers directly through postcards, brochures, and other forms of mailers.


Have a presence in your local publications or in an industry-specific journal with display ads.


Share your auction or listing with local buyers through on-site signage.


Stay Top-Of-Mind: Promote yourself or your office through a branding campaign.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Combine multiple marketing services to reach the most qualified buyers possible.

Multicultural Marketing

Reach a larger audience through multilingual campaigns.

Traditional Properties Marketing

Every property is unique, and because of this, we put in the research to ensure that the right strategies are employed, the proper markets targeted, and that each campaign is treated with this attention to detail.

Auction marketing is fast-paced and has particular demands that set it apart from traditional property listings. Enhanced Marketing Solutions® has the experience and a proven track record of success with an array of different auctions.

As unique as properties are, auctions add another level to the marketing puzzle. Our team is able to take a close look at each auction and construct individual strategies that fit within the timelines and budgets required for auctions. The design and copy are tailored to highlight the special features and uniqueness of each property, but we are also able to go beyond that and figure out the quickest strategies to get potential bidders interested within a limited amount of time.


How do you distinguish yourself from competitors? Consistent imagery, verbiage, and a theme leave a lasting impression on your potential clients. The brand you display needs creative distinction while meeting all standards and guidelines.

The EMS team will work with all affiliates to ensure that your expertise and messaging are tailored to your local market while at the same time clearly showing the power of our national brand, United Country.

Our Work

Enhanced Marketing Solutions has successfully collaborated with United Country Affiliates in various projects and you can check some examples below. Also, don't forget to flip through our book at the end to discover more of what we can do for you!


Auction Marketing


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2820 NW Barry Rd,

Kansas City, MO 64154

+1 816 673-3144

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