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Direct Marketing Program

Reach potential sellers and buyers directly and simply through templated mailers and targeted address records. EMS has created a variety of mailer templates with customizable features to show off your office’s unique brand.

By participating in this program, you will also have access to social media templates based on the design of the mailers!

Start Your Campaign with One of These Three Mailers


6-Panel Brochure

Folds to 11”x6”

Corp 6 Panel Graphic 315x408.png

Fold Over Postcard

Folds to 8.5"x5.5"


Combination Ideas

Our program allows you to combine different postcard sizes and designs to keep your mailings consistent and eye-catching all year long. We've compiled some ideas to mix and match your mailers.

Let us help you make an impact that fits your budget with your direct mail marketing!

Option A
  • 4 Mailers Per Year

  • 2 Standard Postcards & 2 6-Panel Mailers

Option B

  • 3 Mailers Per Year

  • 1 send of each: 4-Panel Mailer, Standard Postcard, 6-Panel Mailer

Option C

  • 4 Mailers Per Year

  • All 4 sends would be the same size of your choice

*All pricing is an estimate. For accurate costs, please contact the EMS team – Pricing doesn’t account for any costs for a mailing list.

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